Inject green design gene to drive green consumptio

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Inject green design "gene" to drive green consumption

release date: Source: Quanzhou Evening News

learned from Quanzhou Bureau of industry and information technology that in order to speed up the implementation of green design and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, the second batch of national green design demonstration enterprises for industrial products was launched recently, and the deadline is June 19

improve the awareness of green development in the industry

according to the introduction, the project mainly focuses on the industrial products with large ecological environment impact, strong consumption demand and large international trade volume, in light industry such as express packaging, daily chemical products, washing products and household appliances, textile industry such as clothing and home textile, building materials industry such as building ceramics and decorative materials, chemical industry such as coating and fertilizer, communication equipment Select a number of green design demonstration enterprises for industrial products in the electrical and electronic industries such as office equipment and the automotive industry. Summarize advanced experience and typical models, promote green design concepts and methods, reduce resource consumption and environmental impact of industrial products in the whole life cycle from the source, enhance the awareness of green development in the industry, promote the expansion and upgrading of green design supply, and drive green consumption

recommended requirements include: the enterprise has strong industry influence and market competitiveness, has achieved profits in recent three years, takes the lead in the market share of leading products in the industry, and establishes a perfect quality, environment, energy, occupational health, and then manually rotates the handwheel of the experimental machine, health and safety management system; It has strong technological R & D and innovation capabilities, product design and R & D institutions and professional teams, independent well-known brands, obvious industry or regional characteristics, and strong representativeness, innovation and promotion; It has incorporated the concept of green development and green design into the strategic planning of enterprise development, has the basic ability to carry out product life cycle assessment, has the ability to apply the basic database of green design and advanced design tools and methods, and has the ability to test and verify, measure and test, large-scale production and other green design application and transformation capabilities

at the same time, green design related work has been carried out, and the products meet the relevant standards of green design product evaluation, or participate in the formulation of technical specifications, standards or policies related to green design products; More than 20 listed companies have released plans to expand the production of power batteries. The proportion of green design products in the product structure has increased year by year, and the production, sales and output value are leading in the industry

According to the introduction, the recommended enterprises must meet the requirements of national and local laws, regulations and standards. In the past three years, there have been no following cases: major and above major production safety and quality accidents, grade III (Major) and above sudden environmental pollution events, and serious problems have been found in the relevant supervision work of the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions, The scope of utilization has been continuously expanded into the list of industrial energy conservation supervision and rectification, and the rectification has not been completed, and it has been included in the dishonest Executees, etc

according to the notice of Fujian Provincial Department of industry and information technology on organizing and recommending the second batch of green design demonstration enterprises of industrial products (hereinafter referred to as the notice), the leading enterprises that have been listed in the national or provincial list of green design products and are representative of the industry are recommended. According to the requirements of the notice, Quanzhou city recommends one enterprise to apply

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