Infrastructure construction has become a hot spot

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Infrastructure construction has become a hot spot under the investment of 4trillion yuan

recently, the huge banquet hall on the second floor of the Swiss Hotel in the center of Hong Kong and Macao in Beijing was fully occupied. The 2009 China infrastructure construction conference organized by Duxes is being held here, and the reason why this conference can attract so many professionals is its theme - infrastructure construction

in November 2008, against the background of the increasingly severe world financial crisis and the increasingly obvious impact on China's economy, the Chinese government made major adjustments to the macro-control policy and launched a plan to allocate 4trillion yuan of funds to vigorously start domestic demand in the next two years, aiming to promote stable economic growth. At the same time, the state has also successively introduced an active fiscal policy and moderately adjusted the monetary policy, hoping to reduce the low performance characteristics of the cylinder of the testing machine. The impact of the decline of the international economic situation on the deceleration of national economic growth. The breaking load - the force that causes the breaking in the tension, contraction, twists and turns or changes experiments. On November 27th, 2008, the national development and Reform Commission made a detailed introduction on the plan to further expand domestic demand and the specific composition of the 4trillion yuan investment, including the investment of 1.8 trillion yuan in railway construction, power construction, highway and port construction, accounting for more than 1/3 of the total investment scale, making infrastructure construction a hot spot of concern in relevant industries

the economic stimulus package launched by the Chinese government with a high profile, especially the huge investment in railway and power construction, has great attraction to investors with good stability all over the world. However, the following problem is how to further implement the relevant supporting policies to complete the investment in infrastructure. This is crucial for both foreign investors and local enterprises who are paying attention to the Chinese market, because it is directly related to their investment direction and actual interests

the 2009 China infrastructure construction conference saw this, especially holding two summits on railway infrastructure construction and electric infrastructure construction. Leaders of relevant national departments, association leaders and enterprise representatives were invited to discuss the latest policies and reform directions, as well as hot industry technologies and market issues, so as to provide investors from all countries with a business platform for exchanges with domestic enterprises, We should actively carry out ecological design and look for potential customers and cooperation opportunities

the meeting was held for two days, and the leaders of relevant competent departments made reports respectively, analyzing in detail the current economic situation of our country, the specific situation of four trillion yuan investment and the positive role of China's tax reform in infrastructure construction, and pointing out that the supporting role of relevant national policies has appeared at present

at the power infrastructure construction summit, experts such as baoyunqiao, Secretary General of China Energy Research Association, Meng Dingzhong, an expert of China power, and Lin Boqiang, director of the China Energy Economy Research Center at Xiamen University, as well as representatives of Chinese and foreign enterprises such as China Power Engineering Consulting Group, GE energy, Siemens, AREVA power transmission and distribution, Vestas China, and AE PavA Co., Ltd. of Japan discussed China's power sustainable development, electricity price reform, smart electricity Wind power and other hot issues in the industry have expressed their views

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