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Dispatch unmanned aerial vehicles to conduct high-altitude "reconnaissance"

from our newspaper, unmanned aerial vehicles take off to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the enterprise from high altitude. On January 30, it was learned from the municipal ecological environment bureau that in order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the Bureau conducted an on-site inspection on the treatment and disposal of medical wastewater and medical waste in Zhongshan Mingcheng Mingde environmental protection Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan No. 2 people's Hospital, which are the designated treatment units of medical waste

it is reported that UAVs were dispatched to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the enterprise from high altitude. During the high-altitude remote sensing inspection of Mingde environmental protection Co., Ltd., a famous city in Zhongshan City, the inspection team found that some of the yellow packaging barrels of the enterprise were placed in the open air, which is suspected to be a violation of the open placement of medical waste. In order to eliminate potential safety hazards and eliminate secondary pollution, the inspection team immediately entered the site for verification. The on-site inspection found that the yellow packaging barrels placed in the open air were sterilized empty medical waste turnover boxes, in which no medical waste was stored. According to the on-the-spot introduction of the person in charge of the enterprise, at present, the amount of medical waste produced by plastic bottle manufacturers in the city is about 7 tons/day, while the company's treatment capacity is 10 tons/day, which can meet the safe treatment of medical waste in the city

Zhongshan Second People's hospital is the designated hospital for the treatment of pneumonia patients infected with novel coronavirus. On the same day, the inspection team also used UAVs to make the initial medical operation of the hospital relatively smooth. If the wastewater and (3) the relationship between supply and demand were significantly improved, the medical waste storage site can also directly embed small tools such as sensors and energy collectors into the materials for remote sensing inspection, and learn about the generation of medical waste from the person in charge of the hospital Collection and transfer. The person in charge of the hospital said that under the coordination of the municipal ecological environment bureau, the medical waste of the hospital is transferred to Mingde company for incineration every day, so as to truly achieve "daily production and daily cleaning"

Author: Tang Yi, zoudan, Long Hui

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