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Bulgin, a connector brand under Elektron technology, added a new member of the buchaner 7000 series

China industrial control industrial control information bulgin, a connector brand under Elektron technology, added a new member of the buchaner 7000 series

[August 30, 2013, Shanghai, China] - bulgin, a connector brand under Elektron technology, a famous British industrial product manufacturer, officially announced, Its large-scale environment-friendly sealed circular connector family has added a new member - Buccaneer 7000 series for power applications. Buccaneer 7000 can provide fast and safe power connection in harsh environment. Compared with 25a and 600V rated standard mainly applicable to MDI or modified MDI system with content greater than or equal to 50%, this product is small in size, and can provide color sealing characteristics in accordance with IP67, IP68 and ip69k standards

the new Buccaneer 7000 series adopts the proven and tested integrated structure of the Buccaneer series, and has a unique positive feedback twist lock system, which can achieve a just right and once and for all quick connection in less than a quarter of a turn. Even if users do not have professional technology or special tools, they can operate easily. The Buccaneer 7000 series offers a choice of 2, 3, 6, 10 and 32 hole versions, as well as fully interchangeable nickel plated, cast zinc alloy or UV resistant linear ul94-v0 flammability grade plastic housings, giving engineers and designers maximum flexibility in system design

bulgin product manager Stuart Hutchings commented: from outdoor broadcasting and lighting to industrial automation and ship safekeeping, the buchaner 7000 series can be used in a variety of harsh environments. Fortunately, tragedies such as the grenfelta fire are extremely rare applications. These new connectors will provide a compact, cost-effective solution. More importantly, the scheme is easy to operate and very environmentally friendly

german Casillas, head of Elektron technology's connectivity solutions, added: the new Buccaneer 7000 series is another successful example of Elektron in the process of advanced solution research and development. It combines the rich experience accumulated by Elektron technology for many years with cutting-edge technologies to create products with comprehensive functions to meet the changing needs of the market

about Elektron (Elektron Technology):

elektron is an industrial product manufacturing enterprise from the UK. It has more than 1000 employees in 11 countries and cities around the world. It has more than 7000 customers and more than 100000 end users worldwide. Its products are distributed in seven continents and space, with annual sales of more than 64million pounds. Elektron entered the Chinese market in 2002, and its sales growth momentum is encouraging

elektron designs and manufactures a variety of products for laboratory, medical, automotive, electronics, electric power, marine exploration, military industry and other fields, which are applied to various industries and fields around the world. The company has inherited the proud product engineering gene, and has modern manufacturing facilities on three continents. In the technical sense, it has also created its excellent standard products and global services

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