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The capacity development of some industrial categories in China's packaging industry (Part 2)


market mechanism is combined with government coordination, guided by the market and following the development law of market economy, and constantly meet the needs of domestic and foreign packaging products markets with high quality, safety, convenience, beauty, pollution-free and pollution-free. With the development of market economy, enterprises have become the main body of the market to meet the market demand and achieve innovative development, and the role of market mechanism in the allocation of resources related to the development of packaging industry has been enhanced

the government's correct industrial development policy and industrial policy guidance are the key. By means of formulating and implementing development plans, policies and standards for the packaging industry, the government will play a role in macro guidance, policy support and organization and coordination to guide the rational layout and healthy development of the packaging industry; Prevention. {blindly launch and low-level repeated construction, improve the modernization level of the packaging industry, operate on an appropriate scale; adapt to the scale of the raw material base and the needs of the market, determine the size of the enterprise, combine large and medium-sized enterprises, adhere to the simultaneous development of multiple ownership economies, and vigorously promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and the non-public economy.

improve the overall layout of the industry, improve the layout of the packaging industry suitable for economic development, and achieve Optimize and adjust the internal structure of the industry, build industrial bases or clusters with specialized division of labor, different characteristics and strong industrial agglomeration, form a number of large-scale packaging enterprise groups with independent development ability and international competitiveness, and develop a batch of matching and vibrant small and medium-sized packaging enterprises, form a reasonable industrial organization structure, and strive to fundamentally reverse the different levels of regional economic development, There is a serious imbalance in the layout and capacity, as well as the decentralized layout of outsourcing enterprises, overcapacity of some products, low-level repeated construction, project convergence and other phenomena that restrict the development of the industry; In line with the national strategy of developing the West and revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China, efforts should be made to improve the packaging supporting capacity of the western region of China and the old industrial base in Northeast China

give full play to the service function of the industry management organization, and do a good job in bridging and linking the government and enterprises, enterprises and enterprises; Make full use of the information resources of the packaging industry, gradually embark on the road of industrialization, and promote the development of the packaging industry with informatization. In view of the importance of the isomorphism of the packaging industry for the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of the packaging industry structure. It is suggested that the relevant government departments and industry management organizations should take the lead to organize or entrust universities, scientific research institutions and professional associations at all levels to carry out in-depth research on the isomorphism of the packaging industry, the market prospect and expansion space of the packaging industry, the relevance of the same products in different regions and the regional division of labor, so as to make a scientific plan for the sustainable development of the industry

in accordance with the "five overall plans" put forward by the Third Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee, which rushed to "management posts" to guide China's economic and social development. Among them, overall planning is the basis of the five overall plans. Decision makers of packaging work should avoid isolation, closure and blindness of self planning while considering planning. We should carefully consider the relationship with the development of the region and surrounding areas. It is necessary to have a long-term, forward-looking and overall planning, implement the linkage development strategy and countermeasures, pay close attention to the development of the national economy, the development of the industry, the adjustment and growth and decline of the social consumption structure and their interrelationships, and timely adjust their own development goals and planning contents while planning and predicting their own development

from the first half of 2004, with the national macro-control of cement, steel, electrolytic aluminum and other industries and the mixing of domestic economic growth, the pressure of domestic sales has been obvious. For the development of the packaging industry, the prospects of metal packaging, plastic packaging and some other packaging manufacturers have become clear. Strong and far sighted enterprises will tide over the difficulties, while some enterprises that have no strength and only focus on immediate interests will be eliminated. Fortunately, facing the cost pressure of midstream manufacturing and consumer goods manufacturing, Many packaging enterprises have begun to pay attention to the possible excess risks in the future and have reduced their investment scale. For example, due to the "buyer's market" formed in the midstream and downstream production links for a long time, the "competitive barrier" formed by fierce competition has blocked the rigid transmission of the price rise of upstream raw materials to the downstream industrial links, especially the transfer to end consumers. The main task is the collaborative development, transfer, dispersion and commercial utilization of common key technologies. As a result, on the one hand, the growth rate of enterprise income has dropped significantly, And reduce production plan under cost pressure; On the other hand, this pressure, in turn, restricts the rapid growth of production and investment in some upstream industries

therefore, the difficulties encountered at present are not only product innovation and management innovation, but also the environment, a good market environment

in the next two years, for many packaging enterprises, how to produce and develop steadily will be a test period. Let's cheer up and revitalize China's packaging industry

(author/Policy Research Office of an Shouli China Packaging Federation)

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