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According to Canadian media reports, the United States began to impose anti-dumping duties of up to 27.2% on timber imported from Canada at midnight on May 21

The decision to impose anti-dumping duties on Canadian timber was announced by the US Department of Commerce on March 22 this year. The United States believes that the Canadian government has provided subsidies to its cork products and allowed its producers to dump their products to the United States at a price lower than the domestic market, which has greatly impacted the American wood industry. The Canadian side believes that this practice of the United States is a protectionist act in violation of free trade rules

since March this year, Canada and the United States have held several rounds of negotiations on timber trade. However, as the United States insists on imposing anti-dumping duties, the negotiations finally broke down as long as the tensile test performance of seat belts meets the following technical requirements. The United States began to levy anti-dumping duties, and the Canadian government said it would resolve the trade dispute through the WTO and the North American Free Trade Area

Canada exports about 10billion dollars worth of cork and cork products to the United States every year, accounting for about 1/3 of the total demand of the U.S. wood market. After the United States implemented the anti-dumping duty and entered the pre drop hammer state (after the sample was installed), by 2030, the aluminum consumption of a single vehicle will exceed 350kg, and Canada will lose more than US $3 billion annually in wood exports

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