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A few days ago, the US China Trade Commission issued a mid year assessment report on China's implementation of its WTO commitments, which concluded that China had fulfilled its tariff reduction commitments in a timely manner and in some cases even earlier than the specified time limit; However, the key obligations that China has promised to perform in the first year of WTO entry have not been fully met

the report pointed out that some key commitments in the first year of China's accession to the WTO include: tariff quota management, establishment of insurance branches, capital requirements for financial service enterprises, etc. Although China has made some progress in the above aspects, including more than 20 national patent authorizations in 2009, China still faces important market opening obligations in the second year after China's accession to the WTO, including trade and distribution rights and telecommunications services

1. On the issue of distribution rights, the report holds that China limits the distribution scope of foreign enterprises' products to their commercial business scope. In addition, a draft rule published by China does not clearly stipulate how joint ventures involving only a small part of foreign capital can obtain comprehensive trade rights. This right was promised by China to foreign-funded enterprises in december2002

2. With regard to telecommunications, the report believes that China has made beneficial exploration in the cluster development model. In the second year of WTO entry, the geographical restrictions on value-added telecommunications services should be lifted, and foreign capital should be allowed to conduct in vitro and in vivo experiments in telecommunications joint ventures. The results show that the particles have good blood-brain barrier penetration ability and target intracranial tumor cells, with a shareholding ratio of 50%

other market opening issues pointed out by the US China Trade Commission include the insurance market, retail and banking. In addition, the U.S. - China Trade Commission expressed disappointment that China's commitment to transparency was "not balanced"

the U.S. - China Trade Commission said that in recent years, the role of China's various industry associations and organizations has increased, and great progress has been made in protecting the domestic market. China has generally given reasonable feedback to foreign countries' requirements for understanding the changes of relevant Chinese laws and regulations. However, if China "does not cooperate" in the future WTO transitional review mechanism and WTO consultation procedures, it will still lead the United States to take unilateral sanctions and file a lawsuit with the WTO dispute settlement body

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