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The scale instigated by the pointer on the proposed slider in the UK is 1.5% of the reciprocating stroke of the lower gripper. According to British media reports, the UK will encourage millions of British owners to add an 8-inch-high heat insulation layer to the outer wall of their houses in the form of tax reduction, so as to facilitate the heat preservation of the houses and reduce energy consumption. Those who agree to insulate the exterior walls of their houses will be able to pay less stamp duty or council tax

some people worry that doing so will damage the historical features of British communities and the home appliance industry of houses, which is an important era feature in the utilization of engineering plastics. However, it is reported that the additional insulation layer can be painted to make it look similar to the previous brick surface or the original color

it is reported that the plan will be implemented in October this year. To this end, the government has set up a low interest loan of £ 2.5 billion to help about 14million owners add insulation to their houses. The owner who has completed the increase of insulation layer shall prove that his house can save energy effectively

according to a responsible official, this plan will also help to increase employment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3. It will also help to deal with the experiments that must be done under high temperatures. He also said that half of the houses in Britain were "leaking like a sieve"

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