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A number of newspaper publishers in the UK will launch iPad applications

the evening news on September 25 Beijing time. According to foreign media reports, the second wave of newspaper applications (APPs) will sweep the iPad this autumn, because more and more British publishers are eyeing this new content charging channel

as for whether the content on the Internet can be charged, the newspaper industry has been divided into two camps with different views. However, everyone tends to think that on mobile devices, readers are more willing to pay. The industrial structure of traditional biomedical materials needs to be optimized

imported and some domestic joint ventures can reach the UK. The daily mail has always insisted that the public station should be accessed free of charge, but the newspaper also plans to charge readers a subscription fee when downloading its iPad and iPhone apps for the first time later this year

according to people familiar with the matter, although they are all composed of the same content, the daily mail app will be very different from the station in appearance and feel

when the iPad was launched in the UK in May this year, there were only a few newspaper apps, because operators were waiting to see whether Apple's tablet computer could succeed. The fact is that the iPad sold 3million units worldwide in the first three months

according to the data released by the association of onl anodized aluminum: coloring metal publishers on Monday, last year, only 12% of publishers launched paid apps, but now this ratio has risen to 40%

"consumers are used to not paying for content." "But those who have iPads and iPhones have been able to easily explain that mixing long glass and carbon fiber composites has fostered the habit of paying for things," said John enser, a media partner at Olswang

the British Daily Telegraph launched a free app this week, but it does not rule out the introduction of a charging mechanism. It is working with the New York Times on a more advanced application, which is planned to be released in the coming months. The Daily Telegraph will pay maintenance and licensing fees for the app

"it's no secret that publishers are seeking profits from these applications." Mark Challinor, the director in charge of the mobile business of the daily telegraph, said, "the question is in what form. We need to analyze the usage data and then consider it."

free newspapers such as metro and London Evening Standard publish free apps

"the application of a newspaper is a good thing for both sides." Zach Leonard, general manager of the digital business of the London flag evening news and the independent, said, "first of all, it is portable, which is one of the advantages compared with newspapers. In addition, it presents two-dimensional content, allowing interaction like a computer."

the driving force behind these charging plans is the concern of publishers that the iPad may be a better reading platform than computers, notebooks and newspapers. Many iPad users said that they bought fewer newspapers after having the product

the times, the only newspaper in the UK that charges for browsing, is preparing to update its application. The price will be £ 9.99 a month. The application of the financial times refers to the application open to registered users. Sina Technology ()

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