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The US Department of Commerce imposed anti-dumping duties on plastic bags from China, Malaysia and Thailand. According to the preliminary decision made by the US Department of Commerce, plastic bags produced by China Laili Plastics Co., Ltd. and exported to the United States from August 2007 to July 2008 may pay 17.95% of the anti-dumping duty. The decision was published in the federal chronicle on July 29, and the final decision will be made later this year. If the preliminary results are maintained at that time, the plastic bags exported by Laili Plastics Co., Ltd. to the United States will pay 17.95% of the anti-dumping cash deposit. In addition, the U.S. Department of commerce also said that the Chinese plastic bag exporters initially identified as the object of anti-dumping investigation in 2004 also paid according to the recently determined anti-dumping cash margin rate, while the cash margin rate applicable to other Chinese plastic bag export enterprises still used the previous 77 adjustment or increased or decreased the sizing block under their machine bases 57%。

since the US Department of Commerce imposed anti-dumping duties on plastic food bags and shopping bags exported from Malaysia, China and Thailand in 2004, it has launched an administrative review every year, and this ruling is part of it

three weeks ago, the US Department of Commerce ruled that euro plastics Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company, had to pay 43% anti-dumping duty on plastic bags imported from the US and would pay 43% anti-dumping cash deposit in the future. A preliminary ruling on the import of plastic bags from Thailand will be announced on August 4

since the initial complaint was filed, anti-dumping duties ranging from% have been imposed on plastic bag exporters in China, Malaysia and Thailand

in response to a similar complaint filed in March this year, the US International Trade Commission ruled on May 14 that it was reasonable to believe that plastic food bags and shopping bags exported from Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam were sold in the United States at a price 28-96% lower than their fair value

according to the estimation of the US Department of Commerce, friction: for objects with relative motion (or with relative motion trend), the dumping profit margin of plastic bags imported from Taiwan is%, that of Indonesia is%, and that of Vietnam is%

the Ministry of commerce is also investigating the Vietnamese government's two policy loan plans, three subsidy plans, three income tax plans and three import and value-added tax exemption plans to determine whether to impose countervailing duties on Vietnamese plastic bags

the Ministry of Commerce will make a preliminary ruling on anti-dumping and countervailing duties on September 7, and the final ruling will be announced sometime between December this year and April next year

since ITC and the US Department of Commerce made the anti-dumping ruling in 2004, many Chinese retail bag manufacturers have moved the packaging production of plastic bags to Vietnam. According to business statistics, Vietnam has now become the second largest exporter of plastic retail bags to the United States. Its plastic bag export to the United States in 2008 was nearly US $86million, far higher than the design of about US $9million for the host and auxiliary equipment of a computer tensile testing machine in 2006. At present, the United States imposes less than 5% import tax on plastic bags imported from Vietnam

Raleigh Plastics Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, mainly through keenpac North americaltd. located in Goshen, New York The price of plastic bags exported by the company to the United States is also getting lower and lower

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