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Promotion is one of the main means to drive the sales of enterprises. Due to the homogenization trend of the door and window market, door and window brand enterprises spend a lot of money to develop promotion, but the effect is not satisfactory, causing consumers to experience aesthetic fatigue. For a long time, not only consumers, but also door and window dealers have lost enthusiasm for the promotion activities of stores, so it is urgent for door and window brand enterprises to clarify the promotion purpose, reasonably control the promotion core, and then carry out development

the terminal site should stimulate the interest of consumers

formulate publicity strategies for target consumer groups. The on-site promotional activities of door and window terminals should be characterized by attracting target consumer groups, explaining the "personality" of products, and attracting on-site consumers to actively understand. The distinctive theme, well interactive form and lively and interesting on-site activities should not only impress consumers, but also conform to the characteristics of the regional market. Only in this way can we stimulate consumers' interest and participation, and only when consumers participate in the activities can we achieve the purpose of brand publicity and promotion

clarify the purpose of promotion and carry out promotion around the core

now consumers are becoming more and more smart. They understand the "door to door" behind many promotional activities, so they are attracted by promotional activities and have a psychological defensive mentality. Therefore, door and window brand enterprises should make clear the purpose of terminal promotion activities, whether to do brand promotion or sales promotion? Then, according to the purpose, all promotional activities should be designed closely around the core issues, and the tactical planning and personnel, time, place, theme, implementation, etc. should be in place

terminal promotion is an activity with the ultimate goal of creating a product brand image and promoting sales. It must be combined with its own resources to make promotional activities targeted and avoid blind promotion

terminal promotion activities need to adjust strategies at all times

some door and window brand enterprises often began to formulate promotion plans a month or two ago, which not only often "collide" with other door and window brand plans, but also sometimes the plans often fail to keep up with changes. Enterprises must pay close attention to consumer changes and adjust strategies at any time. To really sell the door and window products that are most suitable for consumers can determine the success or failure of the new product launch to a certain extent

don't underestimate the power of terminal promotion. Behind a flexible terminal promotion activity lies a brand enterprise that can flexibly and multi-faceted view the market. Only by constantly innovating on terminal promotion can door and window brand enterprises create more attractive promotion activities and attract the participation of consumers





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