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The porch partition can separate the interior into independent spaces, which can be applied more flexibly and bring the aesthetic feeling of decoration to the room. But in Feng Shui, the porch partition can be a university question. The porch partition Feng Shui represents the family's money luck, which has a decisive impact on the good and bad luck of the house luck. Next, Xiaobian will take you to know the residential porch partition Feng Shui

1. The porch can not only dissolve the form evil and Qi evil, but also prevent the leakage of vigorous Qi. From the perspective of geomantic omen, the prosperous gas and wealth entering the house from the gate should rotate inside the house as much as possible, and slowly flow out of the house after making full use of it for the house. If the gate forms a straight line with the balcony or window, the prosperous gas and wealth flowing from the gate will quickly flow away from the balcony or window. The prosperous gas flows in and out directly, which is a water draining situation, making it difficult for people and money in the family to accumulate

2. The entrance can promote the external Qi to turn from the gate: the external Qi originally entered directly from the evil side, but turned from the auspicious side, which is in line with the way of Feng Shui to pursue good fortune and avoid evil

3. The living room is the place of daily sitting and gathering of a family, and it is the activity center of the family, so it can't be too exposed. If the living room is open and private, and everyone's every move in the family is at a glance outside the gate, it will lack a sense of security, which is not a good omen from the perspective of Feng Shui

4. The porch is one of the most important components of the housing core, which can be said to be the throat of the housing. It gives the entrant the feeling equivalent to the first impression between people. According to psychological analysis, the first impression usually occurs in the first seven seconds, which is basically the same time as entering the house to examine the porch and adjust the breath. In the west, the porch represents the family's money luck, which has a decisive impact on the good or bad luck of the house luck

when setting the porch partition, you should also pay attention to several Feng Shui taboos:

1. The porch partition should be solid below to prevent leakage, and the top should be mainly transparent. Therefore, transparent frosted glass or hollow Bogu frame can be used

2. The porch partition of the living room should not be too high or too low, but moderate. Generally, the height of two meters is the most appropriate

there are three pages in total. Page 123 page 1 next page 3. There are large porches at the entrance of China's traditional large houses, while the houses in modern cities are generally narrow in area. If you set up a traditional large porch, you will obviously feel that the space is limited and difficult to move. So the compromise is to use the glass screen as the interval, so as to prevent the external air from rushing straight into the living room from the gate, and at the same time, make the narrow porch not too narrow

4. The lighting of the living room porch should be bright rather than dark, and most residential porches have no natural light source, so we must use more brains in lighting. In addition to the interval should use more transparent frosted glass, most of the living room porch has no outdoor natural light, so we need to use indoor light to remedy it

5. It is best to use neutral and warm colors on the walls of the porch, which can give people a soft and comfortable feeling, so that people can quickly forget the chaos of the external environment and appreciate the warmth of home

6. The porch partition of the living room should be kept clean and refreshing. If too many sundries are piled around, it will not only make the living room look messy, but also affect the feng shui of the house. The porch of the living room is messy and dark, and the whole room will appear crowded and depressed

the above is part of the knowledge about Feng Shui in the residential porch. Understanding some feng shui knowledge can make you live more comfortable

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nowadays, home decoration can no longer only meet the basic requirements of improving the living environment and improving the living quality. While pursuing high quality of life, many owners are also concerned about the impact of decoration on the spirit. In the face of all kinds of decoration, which layout can promote work, health and wealth

first, spatial structure

the spatial structure and orientation of the room determine the overall Feng Shui of the room. If the structure and orientation are not easy to change, the layout should be based on the five elements of the owner and orientation. This can improve the fortune as much as possible

I wish you a hand in the Southeast

this position has the heat of heaven and earth that can make life smooth. People whose bedrooms are in the southeast direction will act smoothly, and they will soon be promoted, having an enviable happy life. At the same time, being able to get the help of relatives and friends, it is easy to find the way to make a fortune

air circulation and good fortune

in Feng Shui, air flow represents the operation of good fortune. Therefore, the air in the house must circulate smoothly before it can be successful. Generally speaking, after opening the window, the wind blowing into the house from the outside should be gentle and soft

second, decorative color

nowadays, many people know some color psychology. Classic bright colors will make people excited and happy, and their thoughts will be more positive. And the cold tone will make the mood calmer, making people more peaceful and peaceful. Therefore, different colors can be used in different rooms for reasonable collocation. The right color is not only very beneficial to health, but also can affect wealth

red carpet makes you rich

red represents happiness, enthusiasm, boldness and enterprising. In geomantic omen, red is the color of fortune. Choosing red carpet can make the family full of energy, conducive to career and accept treasure

the south is dotted with green to gather vitality

green means vitality. Placing green plants in the south of the bedroom can not only add green beauty, but also promote the better aspects of interpersonal relations, which is conducive to the family's access to wealth

III. furniture is a necessity of home, and the layout of furniture will also affect the positive energy of the room

the mirror cannot face the door

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