The decoration of the porch is very exquisite

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The porch is the first barrier after entry. Although the area here is small, its function cannot be replaced. The first impression guests get when they enter your house is from the porch, not just a shoe cabinet. The layout of the porch cannot be underestimated

1. Setting of porch ceiling

the ceiling should be high rather than low: if the ceiling at the porch is too low and oppressive, it is an auspicious omen in Feng Shui, indicating that the family is oppressed and constrained, and it is difficult to make a difference. If the ceiling is high, the air circulation in the porch is more comfortable, which is also of great benefit to the air transportation of the residence

the color of the ceiling should be light rather than heavy: the color on the ceiling of the porch should not be too dark. If the color of the ceiling is deeper than the floor, it will form a pattern of heavy on the top and light on the bottom, overturning the earth, symbolizing that the family is out of order, up and down. And the color of the ceiling is lighter than that of the floor, which is a normal phenomenon

ceiling lamps should be square and round rather than triangular: the lighting arrangement on the top of the porch should be round and square but not triangular. Some people like to install several downlights or spotlights on the top of the porch for lighting, which is a good arrangement, but if three lights are arranged in a triangle, it will be self defeating and form “ Three sticks of incense inserted upside down ” The situation is very unfavorable to the home. If it is arranged into a square or a circle, it is no problem, because the circle symbolizes reunion, while the square symbolizes squareness and stability

2. The partition of the porch wall

the partition of the wall should be solid at the bottom and virtual at the top: facing the porch of the gate, the lower half should be based on the solid wall, solid and stable, while the upper half can be decorated with glass, which is the best way to be transparent without leakage

it must be noted that mirror glass cannot be used, and the mirror that will reflect cannot usually face the door, because the wealth of the home will be reflected out

the color of the wall must be moderate: the color of the partition of the porch wall, whether wood, wall tiles or stone, should not be too dark, so as not to make the porch look gloomy and lifeless. The most ideal color combination is that the ceiling at the top is the lightest, the floor at the bottom is the darkest, and the wall in the middle is between the two, as a harmony and transition between the top and the bottom

the wall spacing should be smooth: the porch is the main access to the house, and the smooth wall and floor make the air flow unobstructed. If the protruding stones are used as the porch decoration and uneven, there will be many obstacles to the house transportation, which must be avoided as far as possible

3. Floor laying

the floor of the porch should be flat: flat floor can not only make the house smooth, but also avoid falling. At the same time, the floor of the porch should be kept as horizontal as possible, and there should be no distinction between high and low

the floor color should be deep: dark color symbolizes thick, and deep floor color symbolizes deep foundation, which is in line with the way of Feng Shui. If it is required to be brighter, it can be wrapped around with dark stones, and the middle part adopts lighter stones. If you choose to lay carpets in the porch, the same principle should be used. It is advisable to choose carpets with darker colors on the four sides and lighter colors in the middle

the patterns of the porch floor should not have sharp corners to rush the door: the patterns of the floor are various, but they should all be based on the selection of auspicious content. We must avoid using those patterns with many sharp corners, and it is absolutely inappropriate for sharp corners to rush the door, so as to avoid family unrest and unnecessary disasters

the wood grain of the porch floor should not directly hit the gate: the wood floor, no matter what kind of wood, should be arranged so that the wood grain slants towards the house, if the running water slants into the house, but the wood grain should not directly hit the gate, if it is directly hit, it will be unlucky

the floor should not be too smooth: in order to beautify the porch, some people tend to polish the floor of the porch very smooth, which is very easy to self defeating. From the perspective of home safety alone, it is not ideal, because family members or guests are easy to slip and get injured

the underground drainage pipeline should not cross between the gate and the porch, so as to avoid being polluted at the porch during the internal and external communication of wealth and water, which will lead to poor health of family members and poor wealth





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