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From July 8 to July 11, 2015, at the Guangzhou Construction Expo, Yadan wardrobe made its debut with the overall simple European style "Roman", highlighting the humanization of home with the family scenario mode, and the home hotline made an exclusive interview with Hu Haijun, the marketing director of Guangzhou Yadan cabinet industry Co., Ltd., with the theme of "foresight? Home"

home hotline: Hello, Mr. Hu, innovation is an important topic for the development of the industry. Has Yadan made any innovations in this year

President Hu: as an enterprise, it should be said that it is always innovating. For example, this year's China Construction Expo has also been changed from one session to two sessions, one Shanghai and one Guangzhou. We also followed this pace and participated in two exhibitions in Shanghai and Guangzhou. This Guangzhou Exhibition, we not only participated in, but also increased the area of our exhibition hall by more than 100 square meters on the basis of last year. This is one aspect. In the second aspect, the appearance design and style of our entire booth are not better than last year, and the internal layout of the exhibition also has a different style. In general, our booth design is based on the simple style, and the internal layout is based on the family scenario. If you pay attention, the door is a cloakroom, turning around is a living room series, and then there is a restaurant series, as well as tatami and study series. So on the whole, the whole innovation of our exhibition is that the layout is closer to life, and then the style of our entire exhibition hall is closer to the current post-80s and post-90s consumer groups, which is more in line with their needs

home hotline: in this Construction Expo, home hotline network and Huiya information launched a new exhibition special reporting activity with the theme of "foresight ・ home", and new products play the role of a trend vane. So what new products did Yadan bring us this time

President Hu: in this exhibition, Yadan launched a series of products called "Roman". The products of this series include cloakroom series, living room series, bedroom series, restaurant series and study series. These product series include the layout of our whole family. In addition, our product design, style and color matching are based on the simple European style to enter the market. At the same time, in terms of design, our products are closer to life, so that our customers, whether a family of three or five, can feel the embodiment of humanization in our design. Then, in terms of color matching, we also take into account the post-80s and post-90s consumer groups, as well as the post-60s and Post-70s consumer groups

home hotline: just now you mentioned humanization. Some people said that humanization and intelligence will become two mainstream trends. What do you think of this

President Hu: humanization and intellectualization. First of all, it does not conflict. Because we design a personalized product for the convenience of our customers in the process of use. With the continuous progress of the Internet era and the development of electronic technology, intelligence has integrated some high-end electronic products into our furniture product customization. For example, we can control furniture at home through mobile phones. In the second aspect, it should be said that with the progress of the times, the demand for intelligent and humanized furniture will certainly increase, but I personally believe that whether it is intelligent or humanized, we should always pay attention to one thing, that is, to ensure that our products are healthy, and the materials we use and the ideas we advocate must be healthy

home hotline: now we hear two voices in the industry. One is that the home decoration industry will expand online channels, that is, the expansion of "Internet +", and the other is that our dealers may become service providers. What do you think of this

President Hu: I think in the customized home furnishing industry, if we say that e-commerce and "o2o" mode will turn our dealers into service-oriented dealers, I think this statement is also right. Why? At present, some franchisees in all our customization industries are actually serving customers, not selling our products through some marketing method or channel, so they are more serving our customers. If your service is good enough, you can build a brand locally. If your service is bad, no matter how good your product is and how well your marketing method is, sooner or later, you may still be eliminated by customers. In terms of the current "o2o" model, if we only talk about this aspect,

then the dealer must not only do service, because the customization industry is not better than standardized products. Standardized products may only do some simple after-sales service, but customized products must be measured on the spot, from drawing to installation. If we use the word "service" to summarize this series of things, Yes, but it is different from ordinary service industry

home hotline: half of 2015 has passed, so what are Yadan's plans next

President Hu: I believe that no matter which industry has a long-term plan, we also have an annual promotion plan. So far, our promotion plan is also going on step by step. In the second half of the year, we will focus on regional linkage, so that everyone can have a mutual opportunity to improve in the process of activities, from design to shopping guide, installation and even marketing methods. At the same time, we will also use this team to do a unified activity in the whole region to drive the whole region





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