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Decoration is a major event in the hearts of ordinary people. From the selection of plates to the determination of home style, a series of things have to be done personally. Ms. Liu, who lives in the automobile factory in Changchun, began the decoration of her new house at the end of last year. However, due to the lack of experience in decoration and the inability to find a suitable decoration company, Ms. Liu has truly experienced the decoration trap that cannot be prevented, whether in determining the business, selecting goods, signing contracts, or in the aspects of inspection and payment. If a certain link is slightly thoughtless, the construction period of decoration will be delayed, and the problem of improper selection of materials is even greater& ldquo; You must choose a good decoration company for decoration, which saves you worry and effort& rdquo; Ms. Liu sighed

the reporter learned that there are many readers who have the same experience with Ms. Liu. They are all distressed that they can't find a decoration company they can trust

it's spring and the best season for decoration is coming. This newspaper contacted experts from Changchun bangdian Shijia decoration company to provide decoration consulting for you

Wang Jiaxin, manager of the Engineering Department of bangdian Shijia decoration company, said that designers should be responsible to the owners when decorating, and remind residents to first pay attention to the clever combination of practicality and aesthetics. He reminded the owners who are about to decorate and are decorating:

Construction: grasp two principles

first, the construction process should follow the sequence of ceiling, wall and ground of concealed works; Second, paint, masonry, carpentry and other work areas should be clearly divided, and the construction period should also be staggered. In this way, there will be no mutual influence on the quality of various types of work, especially the hydropower project, which is related to the normal utility of the room in the future, and it is particularly troublesome to repair after problems occur. Therefore, after the hydropower pipe laying and wiring, it must be strictly checked, and the decoration company can start to bury the line after the concealed acceptance

design: it is necessary to check the design drawings of the decoration company carefully to see whether the facade, plane, ceiling, furniture and other drawings are complete, and pay attention to whether the dimensions are clear and correct, whether the construction materials are similar without omission, etc. Only after reading these can we ensure that there are rules to follow in the future construction

material quality: beware of counterfeiting

the purchase of materials should try to choose regular merchants, and the material label, after-sales guarantee, origin, etc. should be complete and accurate, in line with the design requirements. During construction, it is also necessary to pay attention to the panel and inner plate of all kinds of fixed furniture to meet the design requirements, and beware of “ Cut corners ”. In fact, thousands of kinds of decoration materials are dazzling. It may be more cost-effective and guaranteed to let trusted professional decoration companies help buy them





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