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The design of Tucson round hall has always highlighted the style and taste. The beige curved wood veneer is matched with dark red wallpaper and decorated with decorative paintings, which not only conveys quality, but also renders an atmosphere

Ganzhou is an important town in the south of the Yangtze River, the former red capital, with bright stars and historical books. Ganzhou is an ancient city with a long history of thousands of years, and Tucson's overall woodwork with the flavor of modern home life and well preserved ancient buildings complement each other, making the city full of charm and vitality

places that cannot be reached are called distant places

the world that cannot be returned is called hometown

and Tucson's overall woodwork has been standing in the country

at any time to create a healthy, fashionable and comfortable life for you


hallway, It is the link between space and space

personalized antler decoration shows more fashionable interest

the unique design seems to tell the classic and elegant legend of the Tucson Ganzhou exhibition hall

the design of the Tucson round hall has always demonstrated style and taste. The beige white curved wood veneer with dark red wallpaper and decorative paintings not only convey quality, but also render an atmosphere


elegant and noble modeling wood veneer

shows the most beautiful charm

the design of the living room needs absolute elegance and elegance

and the warm and romantic sense of quality

can make people feel at ease and comfortable

with personality and lingering wood veneer, combined with complex and flexible colors, it presents a living room with changeable visual effects and personalized charm

the living room can also be a conversation space to create a relaxed and natural atmosphere, and the sofa can be placed naturally at a relatively random level, with density and consistency, creating a delicate layout of the living room

the use of thick brown Tucson wood, with fine workmanship, shows the sense of luxury and ceremony of the restaurant. At the same time, the selection of the dining table with unified colors not only makes the space solemn and elegant, but also conforms to the taste of low-key luxury

the study adopts dark green Tucson's overall woodwork, combined with dark red wallpaper matching, and the most contrasting tone is used in home design, which appropriately creates a warm and mellow sense of space and fashion style, and also creates a different style for the study


bedroom can be said to be the place with the most sense of belonging

it has a comfortable touch bed background

it integrates novel modeling with atmospheric design

it is matched with large classical ink painting

it brings a gentle and poetic temperament to the residents

it captures a diversified ideological design in a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and uses colorful decorative paintings to decorate it, Make a little lively in the calm and introverted bedroom environment

source: Tucson's overall woodwork




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