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In the face of a wide variety of interior wall emulsion paints with different names, wide price differences and gorgeous packaging on the market, how can we choose satisfactory products with appropriate prices

the first step is to live within your means and choose a brand. That is, according to their own economic strength, determine to buy trusted imported or domestic well-known brands. At present, both foreign and domestic brands in the market are generally series products. The price and quality of products produced by different brands and enterprises are less comparable, while the higher the price of products produced by the same enterprise, the better the quality of products. Compared with domestic products, there is little difference in product performance, but the decorative effect is better than domestic products, and of course, the price is relatively high

step 2: if you choose a domestic brand, you must buy the products of well-known enterprises or reputable brand products. At present, there are also great differences in the production capacity of domestic enterprises producing interior wall emulsion paint, which directly affects the quality of products. We should trust well-known enterprise brands, whose quality is stable and reliable, and we can't make mistakes in recognizing brands

step 3: grasp the quality and price of products and beware of being cheated. Now from the cost analysis of domestic production of interior wall emulsion paint, the minimum sales price should be 4-5 yuan/kg, and the price sold in the market is only 1-2 yuan/kg. The so-called emulsion paint is actually a water-soluble interior wall paint, and consumers must distinguish

step 4: judge the quality from the explicit description of the product. Whether domestic, imported or joint venture products, as long as they are qualified products, their packaging must meet the following conditions: registered trademarks; Product model; Production unit; Executive Standards; date of production; Warranty period; Storage instructions; Package specification, etc

in addition, the authenticity can also be identified from sensory and hand feeling. The real latex paint has no pungent smell, while the low-grade water-soluble paint will drop powder and expose the bottom after wiping a few times. At the same time, we should look at the ingredients when choosing. The composition of high-quality coating shall be copolymer resin or pure acrylic resin




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